The Snail Trail

Travelling with my home on my back and in no hurry to get anywhere

Ellendale Lake, Western Australia

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Day 4 Photo blogging – Bliss

This has been such a hard topic for me – not because I am never blissful, but I don’t know if I’ve ever captured it on film! So I’ve stretched my mind and come up with the following…..Are they blissful? I’m not sure, but they did make me feel very happy.

In 2015 I finally visited some of Australia’s iconic landmarks.

Uluru, Northern Territory, was once known as Ayers Rock.

Uluru, Northern Territory, was once known as Ayers Rock.

Kata Tjuta, formerly known as The Olgas, is a short distance from Uluru.

Kata Tjuta, formerly known as The Olgas, is a short distance from Uluru.

And then heading north from Alice Springs are the famous Devils’s Marbles.

Bliss? Sitting around a campfire with fellow travellers at the end of the day.

Cape Keraudren Western Australia

Jose was our resident fire lighter!

And being visited by the locals at some wonderful camp sites –


Lake Brockman, Western Australia

Wild birds? Sitting on my knee? Gotta love it!

My idea of absolute bliss? Lying on a pristine beach, feeling the sun warm you to the bones and drifting off – not to sleep, but to that blissful state of being aware of what’s around you but not being part of it at all. Now that’s hard to capture with words, let alone a photograph!


Cape Keraudren Western Australia

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The Frozen Mosquito

(This sounds like a cocktail, doesn’t it? But it really is about a mosquito!)

We were sitting around the campfire
Telling stories, as you do,
And Dave came up with a beauty
That I thought I’d share with you.

He’d got up bright and early
And opened his fridge door
When a mozzie flew out frantically
But wait – I’ll tell you more…

Dave wondered how he did survive
Locked up in his fridge
And this is what he told us
And he swore it’s ridgy didge.

That mozzie had a scarf on
Wrapped around his neck
And coat and hat and gloves and socks
So Dave thought, ‘What the heck?’

This little frozen mozzie
That survived a chilly night
Deserved a second chance at life
So he offered him ‘Fight, or flight?’

Well, the mozzie wasn’t stupid
So he flew towards the door
Dave stepped to swing it open
But wait – I’ll tell you more.

The clothes the mozzie had on
Were stopping him from flying
He needed to strip off his gear
So he could stop from dying.

As he flew off went his coat
And scarf and hat and socks
He stripped himself of all his clothes
(But he did leave on his jocks!)

Well, Dave was really quite impressed
With this clever little blighter
And he was glad he’d given a second chance
To such a well-known biter.

The mozzie flew towards the door
Dave opened it up wide
But when it reached the outside air
It hurried back inside.

Dave thought “He’s going to thank me!
It won’t cause me any harm”
As the little biting blighter
Landed on his arm.

But a mozzies primal instinct
Is to inflict a nasty bite
Dave said “Right, you’ve made your choice!
You’ve chosen fight, not flight!”

Dave whacked his arm, the mozzie flew
So Dave reached for the spray
“Come here you little bugger,
Come here and make my day.”

The mozzie dodged the poisonous cloud
But you could tell that he was sick
Dave thought that if he landed
He would hit him really quick.

The mozzie saw the open door
Freedom was oh so close
But Dave lifted up the spray again
And gave him a fatal dose.

The mozzie spiralled downward
And landed on the floor
Despite Dave’s good intentions
It never made it through the door.

The moral of this story is
If someone bends a rule
And you take advantage of them
You may end up the fool!

Rosemary Robinson

September 2015

Cape Keraudren Western Australia


Cape Keraudren – Swimming and Sandflies

About half-way between Broome and Port Hedland is a roadhouse at Sandfire that we stopped at overnight on our way to Cape Keraudren.

I’ve only included it in my story because our campground was jammed up against a plantation of mango trees and the fruit bats (flying foxes) squarked all day and night. The upside though were the beautiful peacocks that wandered in and out amongst the trees, not just the brilliant blue ones but several white ones as well. Noisy critters, but oh, so lovely to have wandering around so close. None of them did a display of their tails for us unfortunately.

So here is where I am on my travel down the west coast of Australia. That little line on the map of Australia is just over 600 kilometres long.

Before we turned off to Cape Keraudren we decided to do a side trip to 80 Mile Beach and I’m so glad we did. It was spectacular – miles and miles (80 of them actually) of pristine sand with fishermen dotted along the shore. After investigating the beach we stopped at the camp store and lashed out and had scones, jam and cream for morning tea. Decadent!

Cape Keraudren is at the Southern end of 80 Mile Beach and about 12 kms off the highway on a good sealed road except for the last 4 kms of gravel. There were a few different places to camp here and I checked them all out before joining my travelling buddies at the main beach. One of the camps was by Mosquito Creek, very pretty but those mozzies would have carried me away.

I enjoyed 6 nights here before resuming my journey south and was joined by the Broome crowd of Dave, Anne, Mick, Nola, Mel, Jalanta and Robyn. Then Jose turned up and Marion – it was beginning to look a lot like a Solos Rally!

The tides were huge here and if you didn’t get a swim at high tide you could forget about it as you could walk out about 1 kilometre and still only be up to you ankles. It was a lovely stop over – except for the sand flies! They were thick and everyday I had to slather on insect repellent to survive without being eaten alive. Fortunately if I do get bitten I have no lasting effects unlike some of the others that really suffered. At happy hour one night Dave told us a story about opening his fridge and a mosquito flew out. He reckoned it had on a beanie and scarf as it escaped! As it had been in there overnight he thought it deserved a second chance at life so he let it fly away – I’m not sure I would have been so generous!

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favourite Cape Keraudren photos. I love the ones taken at sunset looking east along the beach. I hope you enjoy them too.

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Next stop Port Hedland…..shops, traffic lights, mining and industry …. and the busiest port in Australia! Also my opportunity to catch up with Ladybird, Pam, who I spent Christmas with last year.