The Snail Trail

Travelling with my home on my back and in no hurry to get anywhere


Welcome to my ramblings ….. about my ramblings around our vast and beautiful country, Australia.

RR 2012I am what is known as a grey nomad – retired from full-time work, living in my campervan and travelling the countryside.  And there is soooo much to see.

I began my journey when I bought Brutus ‘The Beast’, my 1986 Ford Econovan, in Tasmania in September 2012. My first trip was bringing him back to the Gold Coast in Queensland.

He then became commuter transport as I continued to work until April 2013. During that time I had a massive clean out of personal possessions so that basically everything I need on a daily basis is in Brutus. So I am literally travelling like a snail, with my home on my back. Hence the name of my blog – The Snail Trail.


Celebrating putting up my awning at Woodgate Beach


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blogs, Shirley


  2. Hello Rosemary – wondered whether you might be interested in a few months in the South West of WA in May-June 2014, house-sitting our place as your base. Shirley and Paul Bloomfield of Mount Isa suggested we contact you. Left a message on your mobile.



  3. Lovely to read your blog. I’m having a double knee replacement soon so I’m not mobile enough to enjoy your way of life, but it appeals to me!!


  4. What a wonderful adventure! I started solo backpacking a couple years ago because everyone’s life was too busy to join me on my adventures. Since then, I have learned so much about myself and have come to find the solitude both healing and inspiring. But it has not always been easy, so good for you!


  5. Hi Rosemary, this is from Margaret & Kevin, we met at Coronation (we arranged the BBQ) Beach.
    We met another couple from there yesterday (Sue & Mark) an d Sue gave me yor details. I am loving yor blog and as I do one myself I was interested to see how different yours was. Our blog address is hope you get a chance to take a look. It is so lovely to hear you are still on the road and enjoying the travelling in our awesome country. Meantime take care and we would love if you kept in touch.


    • Lovely to hear from you and thanks for checking out my blog. I just tried to access yours from my phone but it said link not found so I’ll try again later when I’ve charged up my computer. Parked in a fair bit of shade at Stockton Lake so solar panel not as efficient as it usually is. 😨


    • I finally have a chance to look at your blog and I get the following message ….
      “The file you requested is not found.
      TravelPod Administration has been notified. If you are having problems,
      please contact TravelPod Support”
      Have I got the right address? I copied it from your comment on my blog. Bushfires everywhere here at the moment and the atmosphere is very smoky but I’m heading in an easterly direction, away from the worst of them at the moment. Looking forward to reading your blog when the access problem is sorted x


  6. Hi Rosemary, I am really enjoying your blog! I have sent you a message on FB, but it will be in your ‘other’ folder…. 🙂


  7. Loved your blog,camping here for some time. Your blog is inspiring,felt good to share your travel experiences.
    I`ll soon be on wheels too in next few months,gonna travel all around my country India and Nepal.
    Keep spreading the love.


  8. Hi Rosemary,
    I enjoyed reading your blog about your Boulia Camel Races experience. I am actually right now helping Boulia Camel Races to make a new website and I am wondering whether I could use an extract from your blog where you have spoken about the camel tagging as I really like the way you have described it! If you are interested I would use your name and a photo of you and put your words with it on the official event website? I know it’s a big ask, but I think people visiting the Camel Races website would love hearing your stories and memories, to help inspire them to take the trip to Boulia too.
    Feel free to email me directly at about this. Thanks for considering my request 🙂


  9. Hi Rosemary I really enjoyed your blog and am inspired to start my own ramblings and snail trail in the very near future. Thus my second reason for contacting you. I am trying to reconnect with Marion Stevens and I was shocked when your blog offered me hope of some avenue of relocating her. The last time I had contact with Marion she was living in Tarnagulla and her daughter had just commenced living in supported accommodation. It seems from your blog that Marion may be living in Tasmania now. I was wondering if you would either pass this message on to her or permit me to have a a contact detail for her. We worked together as consultants for TAC. I have very fond memories of Marion and would love to catch up with her for a cuppa at some stage. Best wishes Gayle


    • Hello Gayle, thanks for your comments re my blog. Unfortunately my sister Marion is not the Marion you are looking for so I do hope you can find her through some other means. Cheers


  10. Hello Rosemary. I found your blog by accident like finding a beautiful destination while really being “lost”. I shall follow it with interest and hopefully it will inspire me to be brave and do what do what I would love to – to travel Australia just like yourself. Thank you. Elaine.


  11. Thank you so much for liking my blog post, I so appreciate it when fellow bloggers enjoy reading my posts .


  12. Hi Rosemary, fabulous to meet you. You’re doing what I’d love to be doing in a few years. In the meantime we’re enjoying Australia as much as we can while still working. Look forward to reading more of your blog. Looks great.


    • Thanks Miriam. It sounds like you are not marking time while you wait to finish work. Good on you! There are so many wonderful places to see in our country and some of them you’ll find virtually on your doorstep. Problem is, we are rarely tourists in our home town and don’t get to see and appreciate what many others find enviable.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So very true Rosemary. Life’s too short to put off doing tomorrow what we can do today. I’m a big believer in exploring both what’s under our noses and what’s further away. Happy travels 😊


  13. This is so cool. I have missed you blog, will be back to explore more. You are an inspiration and I am coming back for more. Enjoy your travels.


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