The Snail Trail

Travelling with my home on my back and in no hurry to get anywhere

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Green Frog Country

You’ve heard of red-backed spiders
Upon the toilet seat
But there are other perils
That you are sure to meet.


The other day at Goomeri
When to the loo I strolled
I came across something scary
Living in the toilet bowl.

green frog 5

At first I thought the caretaker
Had put a freshener in the bog
But when I looked more closely
…It was a bloody big green frog!

green frog 6

I didn’t want to pee on it
And I really needed to go
So I thought that if I flushed the loo
The giant frog would go.

Well, it disappeared with one good flush
So I sat down with relief
But it wasn’t long before I felt
Something on my right cheek.

green frog 7

That bloody big green frog reached out
One long and stretchy leg
And latched on to my bum with the suction caps
On the bottom of his feet.

Well, I moved my ‘a’ like an athlete
And leapt into the air –
There’s nothing like a big green frog
To give you quite a scare.

green frog 1

So when you go to a bush toilet,
Especially at night,
A bloody big green frog might lurk
So you’d better take a light
‘Cos they wait until you’re comfortable
To give you one hell of a fright!

green frog 3