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The Aussie Salute


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Were all doing the Aussie Salute, waving away the sticky little bush flies! They just don’t leave you alone here in Blackall.

Nets for Bush flies in Blackall

We’ve bought every fly net available in town and they’ve had to bring in more supplies. People that swore they’d never be seen dead wearing a fly net are sporting them like the latest fashion statement.

I absolutely swear by my ‘fly ointment ‘ that I bought in Alice Springs in 2015. A little dab around the ears and the flies literally buzz off!

Natures Botanical Fly ointment

And the gifts for the volunteers at our rally here was this very handy little fly switch.

Fly switch souvenir from Blackall

Everyone is doing the Aussie Salute!

Now I find out from Wikipedia that it is also called the Barcoo salute! Where are we? At Blackall on the Barcoo River! We’re in the thick of bush fly country!

Wikipedia excerpt about the Aussie Bush Salute

Here’s my poetic comment about flies …..

Flies! The Aussie…

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2 thoughts on “The Aussie Salute

  1. Hi I just found your photo of Mary Lettice’s convict brick in Campbelltown. She was my 4th G Grandmother on my mother’s side, my direct line is through her daughter, Margaret. When I was in Campbelltown a couple of years ago, looking for my ancestors bricks, I was not aware of my connection to Mary. I will have to go look her up next time I am in Tasmania


    • Hi Gill, I have a fabulous Family Tree started by my Aunt some years ago but I only have her paper copy at the moment and as I am travelling I can’t access it for another couple of months. I am going to transcribe it to when I am more settled and hope you will be able to access it at that time and discover even more connections. Would love to keep in touch and perhaps between the two of us we can flesh out some more of our family history. Cheers, Rosemary


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