The Snail Trail

Travelling with my home on my back and in no hurry to get anywhere

Happy Solo

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I’m a Solo, solo traveller

A whole person by myself

Please don’t call me a single

Sounds like I’m left on the shelf. 

I’m not looking for a partner

Not many of us are

We’re happy to be by ourselves

As we wander wide and far. 

We’re independent travellers

We like our own company

We’re happy travelling solo

Around this wonderful country. 

And when we pull up for the night

And there’s couples everywhere

Please don’t treat us like lepers

Your happy hour we’d love to share. 

We’re no threat to your husband

Solo blokes don’t want your wife

We’re happy being Solos

And enjoy the Solo life. 

Author: The Snail Trail

I’m a nomad who loves travelling Australia in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, seeing amazing places and meeting fellow travellers.

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