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Beverley, Western Australia

On the Way to Wagin

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I left Oakabella Homestead on September 28th to travel to the Solos Rally in Wagin and thought I’d take the opportunity to go the wildflower route east of Geraldton. The rally didn’t start until October 12th so I had plenty of time to enjoy some of the lovely little towns along the way.

Geraldton to Wagin

I travelled through the town of Morawa and stopped to see one of the many churches designed by Monsignor John Hawes, who left a wonderful heritage throughout this area with his amazing architecture. The Church of the Holy Cross was impressive, but I loved the Priest’s Lodge in the grounds – to stay in that would have really tested one’s faith.

Morawa also has an interesting museum with an amazing display of windmills.

It was time to keep moving and find a camp for the night. My first stopover was at a little community park at Canna. There were a couple of powered sites available and for a suggested donation of $10 I hooked up to enjoy this delightful spot.

There were some wildflower walk trails and also a trail to a massive mallee fowl nest.

The next day I headed off and really struggled to find a reasonably priced camp at all the places I visited. I eventually stopped at little spot called Ballidu only to find out when I arrived at Wagin that Peter and Penny, who we had met at Barn Hill Station south of Broome, had a property there!

My third night was at the historic town of York where there was a free 24hour stop provided. What a pretty place! I was parked up behind John Grant and Joy Tobin so we had breakfast together before I left, with Wagin in my sights. It was Grand Final weekend and I thought it would be good to enjoy it with friends who were already on site at the Rally grounds.

On the way to Wagin I passed through the tiny town of Beverley. It caught my eye because there was an old plane on the highway and a sign to the Aeronautical Museum. Here? In the middle of no-where? It was worth a look! Just my luck, it wasn’t open but I managed to shoot a couple of planes, so to speak …..

I’ve arrived in Wagin! There’s still a week to go before the rally starts so I am going to do a ‘dry run’ of a Roving Rally I’m planning between the Wagin Solos Rally and the CMCA Rally in Albany. More about that later!

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I’m a nomad who loves travelling Australia in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, seeing amazing places and meeting fellow travellers.

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  1. Loved your “Happy Solo” Poem – also am very relieved each time I hear from you though I am well aware that often there is no power/ internet etc- looking forward to your next blog Cheers Kristina


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