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The Finger!


The finger

I was given the finger the other day
But not at all in a nasty way
It’s the Aussie way of saying “G’day”.

As you drive by caravans, motorhomes and cars
Drivers lift their finger to you as you pass
To say “Hello fellow traveller, have a good day
And be safe on your journey as you travel your way”.

The laconic finger is lazily lifted
It takes no effort, you hardly shift it
Just a tick off the steering wheel as you go by
And when others don’t do it you wonder why.

Some drivers exuberantly wave their whole hand –
You’ll get different waves as you travel this land.
Some lean out the window and shout a hello
But it’s the Aussie finger that you’ll get to know.

It’s given by truckies, and farmers, and miners
And makes you feel part of a group, Aussie’s finest
They go by in a flash, but you still see the finger
And the memory of all those waves will linger.

It binds all the travellers on all roads as one
And it makes you feel good when your day’s drive is done
So lift up that finger or wave a G’day
And wish fellow travellers a good trip today.

Interesting study done about The Finger by the ABC

Author: The Snail Trail

I’m a nomad who loves travelling Australia in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, seeing amazing places and meeting fellow travellers.

4 thoughts on “The Finger!

  1. Great poem Rosemary. It evoked some vert pleasant memories of our travels in the north west. Graham


  2. Another reminder of the similarities between Australia and the American west. Just yesterday I took a photo of my husband doing the “Montana two finger wave” as we drove the backroads of Montana. Was not so clever as to write a lovely poem, though!


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