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Karijini – a coloured experience!

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Wilma and I were pleasantly surprised by the road from Millstream to Karijini – or was it just that our memory of it was worse than reality. Anyhow, I guess we were used to the dust, used to the corrugations and used to the red dirt road. But whatever the downside was, the upside was the Ranges. They were spectacular, soft blues and greens, and such a contrast to the red earth we were travelling on.


Pilbara Red1866


Pilbara Red1865 Pilbara Red_1867 Pilbara Red_1864

We were on our way to Auski to fill up with fuel to take us into the National Park! We were also able to have a shower there, and I could wash my hair which had taken on a red tinge like everything else that travelled in Brutus!

Doing the Good Samaritan thing I gave the GPS coordinates to a group of 3 caravanners who couldn’t find their way to Dales Gorge, and then we chased them all the way to the camp hoping that there would still be enough room for us when we got there. Fortunately we had our National Park Passes and were able to get ahead of them when they stopped to register. They only allowed 3 more vans in after us and then put out the Camp Full sign!

Karijini campsite

My campsite at Karijini

Our first day at Karijini was spent trying to rid our vans of red dust. Wilma’s bus didn’t suffer as badly as mine, but we both sneezed our way through the day as we swept, washed and dusted everything in sight. I had to take all my curtains down and sweep and shake them, remove all my bedding, shake out all my clothes and pack a lot of areas with newspaper to try and stop the dust getting everywhere again. Apart from the dust, everything was shaken off shelves and out of cupboards so the poor old Brutus looked like a disaster area

Pilbara Red Dust_1870

Dust and disaster!

Our second day we did a short 3 to 4 km walk to Dales Gorge. Those of you who know me know that hills and I are not a good combination so I didn’t venture down the cliffs to the pools below and had to content myself with the view from the top. Still, I really enjoyed the scenery with the many others who kept to the rim as well, so I didn’t feel like such a wimp after all!

Dales Gorge Karijin_1878

Dales Gorge

Dales Gorge Karijini _1891 Dales Gorge Karijini _1886

Dales Gorge Karijini 1885

Towards the end of the cliff top walk we came to Circular Pool, where there were some brave souls who not only clambered down the steep cliff to get to it but then jumped into the freezing cold water!

Circular Pool, Karijini

Circular Pool, Karijini

Almost back at camp there was a photo opportunity with a termite mound – not one of the biggest I’ve seen, but pretty good!

Termite Nest1916

Karijini National Park

I know we didn’t do Karijini justice. I’m afraid the volume of dust in my van made it really unpleasant for me. Also, to visit other areas in Karijini I needed to pack up camp to move anywhere else. Guess that’s the advantage of a caravan or a 5th wheeler, you can unhitch and go but I love my little Brutus anyway despite his drawbacks and he’s certainly taken me to some amazing places so far.

Karijini is one of those places on my “must go back to list” to give it another chance. Next time I will choose a road more travelled, so to speak – preferably sealed and not quite so dusty!

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