The Snail Trail

Travelling with my home on my back and in no hurry to get anywhere


The Sheila from Mt Isa

Bev 2I met a bloke the other day
This Isa sheila, Bev
She swaggered like a fella
Her bush hat upon her head.

Her jeans hung low upon her hips
Beneath her ample girth.
You’d find no-one else more dinkum
If you travelled all the earth.

Her nickname is the Brolga
And it’s on her number plate
She’s nobody’s companion
But she’s everybody’s mate.

She volunteers at cub scouts
And she works at Isa mine.
She’s in the stores she tells me
And she reckons it’s all fine.

She takes no cheek from anyone
But is quick to give some lip,
And if she’s walking through the Isa
I’m giving you the tip.

Sing out g’day and give a wave
And say, “Is your name Bev?”
You’ll recognise her straight away
From the bush hat on her head.

And the way her jeans are slung low down
And her swaggering fella walk
She’ll give you the time of day, OK,
And stop and have a talk.

When you travel round this country,
No matter how you go,
You’ll get to meet some characters
And some you’ll get to know

But you’ll seldom meet a character
As dinky-di as Bev
The sheila from Mt Isa,
Her bush hat upon her head.

11 October, 2014.  RIP Bev Kerkhoffs – The Sheila from Mt Isa