The Snail Trail

Travelling with my home on my back and in no hurry to get anywhere

Don’t Wait!


Don’t Wait

Don’t wait for the right weather
The right person, the right hour
If you have a dream to do something
Get out and do it now.

They say time waits for no man
And that goes for woman too
And you’ll always find a reason
Not to do, when there’s just you.

But if you wait for someone else
Your life may pass you by
And at the end you’ll wonder
Why did I wait, oh why?

If you wait to share experiences
And go to places new
You may miss the opportunities
That life throws up at you.

So take those opportunities
Don’t wait for time or tide
You can do most things by yourself
With no-one by your side.

And sure it would be wonderful
To share the things you do
But you’re better off to do them
And live your life as you.

There’ll be times when you are lonely
And wish for company
To share the places that you’ve been
And all the things you’ll see.

But don’t hesitate to live your dreams
Don’t put your life on hold
Don’t find excuses why you can’t
Step out and find life’s gold

There are treasures in experiences
That you won’t find if you wait
Enjoy the wealth of living
Whatever life puts on your plate.

Rosemary Robinson
April 2014

Author: The Snail Trail

I’m a nomad who loves travelling Australia in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, seeing amazing places and meeting fellow travellers.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Wait!

  1. Thanks for your latest are an inspiration.


  2. A great message Rosemary. It’s very easy to say ‘yes’ actually isn’t it?


  3. That is so true, people just won’t take the chance. Perhaps you could put in your back window for them to read.


  4. Love it Rosemary and yes you are an inspiration


  5. Couldn’t agree more Rosemary. Very well put. Graham & Donna in Barcelona


  6. Love the message. Perhaps it’s easier to do solo. We are moving on from Mandurah tomorrow having spent 2 days rushing around Perth and 2 days rushing around Fremantle. I know you will get to know these places much better when you are at Secret Harbour. All power to you. Perhaps one needs to travel in the slow Lane to be a poet.


    • I’ll be following your journey with interest. Now I’m at Secret Harbour in my house sit I’ll have to travel vicariously through you for the next couple of months. Stay safe and have fun


  7. Sorry Rosemary I meant to comment on I Travel in the Slow Lane but I also agree with Don’t Wait. We never know what’s in store for us. We also need to be responsible for our own happiness.


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