The Snail Trail

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Disturbing The Peace

There’s nothing like a quiet morning in camp. It’s peaceful, and the only sounds are the trickle of the stream and the sizzle of fresh-caught trout frying in bacon grease. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Then, like the nasty soundtrack from a B-rated, chainsaw-murder movie, the awful growl of an engine breaks the silence. Somebody, somewhere in the campground, has decided to power up a 240-volt AC appliance and is using a generator to supply the electricity. Aaarrrgggh!                  -copied from Camping Life

Here’s my version of the above. I’ve called it

Disturbing the Peace

You pull in to a campsite
And the air is filled with peace
You can hear the different bird calls
And the whispering of the trees.

If it’s near the sea you hear the waves
Rolling on the shore
And you’re grateful for your lifestyle
– Until you hear the gennies ROAR!

Their deafening noise drown out the sound
That nature has provided
They start them up to watch TV
And leave a campsite quite divided.

Or they want to use their microwave
Or blow dry their tousled hair
Or brew their special coffee
Or turn on cooling air.

If you want all the comforts of your home
Perhaps that’s where you should be
And leave the sounds of the great outdoors
As nature intended them to be.

They ask you not to light a fire
(The smoke affects their breathing)
But roar their generators
From morning until evening.

The constant drone of gennies
Drowns out all other sound
In quiet and peaceful campgrounds
Gennies should be ‘out of bounds’!