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The Travelling Tale of Monsieur M Kat


I live in a concrete jungle! Most meerkats would be happy living where I do, in a little garden surrounded by lots of my friends, admired by people who pass by.

Garden gnomes

But not me, Monsieur M Kat, – I longed for adventure – and one day my chance came when I heard of a journey going far, far away. It was time to escape the concrete jungle and discover the world!

From Nagambie Victoria to McLarenvale South AustraliaI managed to find my way into a car that was going to the McLarenvale wine district of South Australia ….. actually,  it was probably an overindulgence of our local wine that helped me find my way into the car and send me along my way…..


I was off on the adventure of my lifetime leaving my secure little life behind to experience the great outdoors!

We left later than we expected but our whole trip was through the countryside, stopping for coffee along the way and taking photos of me, Monsieur M Kat, as a lasting memento of ‘the great escape’, and to prove to one and all that it is possible to dream big and change your life.

The Wine Run

Our first stop was at St Arnaud for lunch.

St Arnaud was our first stop but I wasn’t very impressed with this cafe so I didn’t want them to take advantage of my presence with a photo shoot. My drivers had better lift their game or I won’t be a happy meerkat!




Now, this is more like it! We stopped at Bordertown for the night and this bed will do me just fine … and look at the sign …. today Bordertown, tomorrow the world!


At Keith we found this lovely cafe called Henry and Rose so I was happy to have my photo taken here. One has to keep up a certain standard after all!

Meerkat at Henry & Rose Cafe, Keith

Eggs Benedict for breakfast – yum

Look! Painted Silos …. I never thought I would see them … and here I am at Coonalpyn in South Australia! We had to make a quick dash for a photo as it’s raining off and on – mostly on!


We’re back in the car and off to McLarenvale where we are collecting two barrels of wine from Haselgrove Cellars. This is going to be fun! It wasn’t much fun driving though as it rained, rained, rained …… thank goodness I didn’t have to drive šŸ™‚


This is what we came for! We’ve arrived at the winery and the barrels were loaded  on and we are ready for the journey home.


This time around we stopped for coffee at Coonalpyn …..


….on our way back to Bordertown for the night where we gave Lee, the GPS, the power to choose our trip home. Talk about the back roads!


I met some sheep friends in Kaniva, a painted pig in Minyip, and then I visited the Dunmunkle Garden Club.


The funniest time we had was at St Arnaud where the lady in the service station made me pose with her Elf on a Shelf … but we were on a barrel instead!

Wine Run (52)

All good things must come to an end and it wasn’t long before we were home in Nagambie. I’ve had the adventure of my lifetime but like all travellers, it’s nice to be home and I have so many tales to tell my friends in my concrete garden. But most of all I can tell them what it’s like to be free! Until next time ……. Simples ….

A meerkat in the Mallee, Victoria





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Iā€™m a nomad who loves travelling Australia in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, seeing amazing places and meeting fellow travellers.

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