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Prince Leonard of Hutt

Mixing with Royalty – Prince Leonard of Hutt

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On the way to Kalbarri there is an interesting Australian anomaly. A section of Australia seceded in 1970 in protest to wheat quotas and formed their own principality, known as the Principality of Hutt River.

Prince Leonard

Prince Leonard, who is now 89 years old, is a sprightly gentleman who conducts tours of his buildings and gives you a brief history of his secession. When you arrive you purchase a visa which is stamped for your arrival and departure as you are, in fact, visiting another country.


His little township of Nain has a chapel, a post office, government building and a museum and display centre.

There has been much written about Prince Leonard and his secession. He is also a mathematician who has calculated a formula for Creation and Spiritual and told me he does mathematics like you or I might do a crossword! As I said before, a very interesting man!

Prince Leonard offers camp sites for those who want to stay, and although basic the facilities were clean and satisfactory.

For $5 a night per person you can’t complain, and your chance to meet this amazing character, Prince Leonard, will certainly make the detour off the highway worthwhile.

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