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Dry as Dust


Augathella, Thargomindah, Eromanga, Yaraka –
I’ve been out in Western Queensland, travelling on and off the tar.
Where everything is dry as dust, both the locals and the land,
They haven’t lost their Aussie humour, but they could do with a hand.

At Isisford and Blackall, Windorah, Quilpie, Tambo
If they can’t keep their stock alive they’ll pack up and they’ll go.
The drought is devastating as it sucks the country dry
And the wind blows off the topsoil, and the wild dogs multiply.

So they’re building dog proof fences to keep wild dogs at bay
And they’re hoping this will keep their stock alive another day.
A farmer told me recently he’d lost seven hundred sheep
And that was just one pack attack, it’s enough to make you weep.

The long paddock is well stocked with beasts grazing the stubbled ground
And stockmen and their horses and their dogs move them around,
I’m not sure where they’re taking them, there’s no relief in sight,
There’ll be many miles to cover before they rest up for the night.

Cunnamulla, Eulo, Toompine and on to Bourke
This drought’s affecting everyone, not only those the land they work.
The little towns are dying, although they’re struggling to the end,
And shops are closing one by one without a local spend.

The “nomads’ keep their hopes alive as they buy their fuel and food
Any dollar spent in town can only do some good
So on your travelling adventure to our outback Aussie land
Spend up in little country towns, it’s a way to lend a hand.

And leave a little something in the RFDS tin
Or other outback charities, it’s a chance for them to win.
Too many farms have closed their gates, they’ve just packed up and gone
Where they’ve farmed for generations is worth nothing but a song.

Longreach, Winton, Isisford, Jericho and Jundah
Aussies need to band together, stop these towns from going under.
So while we all appreciate a cloudless, clear blue sky
Think of the west that needs the rain to put an end to this long dry.

Rosemary Robinson
August 2018

Author: The Snail Trail

I’m a nomad who loves travelling Australia in my old campervan, Brutus the Beast, seeing amazing places and meeting fellow travellers.

8 thoughts on “Dry as Dust

  1. This is great Rosemay “Banjo” Robinson…can I share it with some Bourkeites?


  2. I’d love that, thank you. I should be in Bourke in a week or so – avoiding rushing south as it’s sooo cold. In Quilpie tonight and it’s the first time I’ve felt really chilled – it’s that icy wind … brrr.


  3. I guess you know the North Bourke Pub burned down a few years ago (2010) and there’s no pub there now…some friends of mine are following you around…a retired cop and his wife Bernie Iriks…he went to Bourke a month or so ago and found a great caravan park…I think it was at North Bourke or a bit past it…I’ll try and find out the name of it. I think they went there on my recommendation..but I’ve forgotten the name. I think the town may have progressed a lot since I was there last about 35 years ago. Be interested in your views


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  5. Very well done Rosemary. You clever girl. Col.


  6. That’s a beautiful poem Rosemary it brings a tear to my eye.


  7. Interesting that we both posted about the drought within days of each other. It’s certainly heartbreaking out west at the moment.


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